***Aid Convoy Challenge***


The challenge just got better, now we have booked 3 containers for this week.


We have been inundated with so much aid & we have only 2 weeks to vacate our premises.


The Syrian people are in need of this aid, please be with us this week, all 3 containers have been confirmed.


Container No.1

Thurs 11th Feb'16



Container No.2 & 3

Sun 14th Feb'16



Venue: Shackelwell Lane, London, E8 2EZ


Pls TEXT your attendance: 07961 224917


(Brothers Only)

Aid Convoy specialises in sending 40 foot containers of essential aid to the needy people of Syria.

Items we send include:

  • Tinned food
  • New & used clothes
  • Shoes & Boots
  • Blankets
  • Medical equipment
  • Tools

Please see 'Items for container' tab at the top of the page for a detailed list of items we are currently collecting.


As a volunteer based charity it takes us between 3-6 weeks to sort, pack & prepare for a container, however, removing unwanted items & rubbish takes up our valuable time & expenditure.

The cost of a container is anything from £3,000 - £3,500. The breakdown is as follows:

  • Cost of Container from UK to Turkey: £1,400 - £1,700
  • Releasing of Container from to Syria border to Turkey: £1,200 - £1,500
  • Releasing Container & transporting from Turkish/Syria border to Syria: £800-900
  • Labour fees: £100 - £200

Costs will fluctuate due to many reasons such as Customs & security checks, changes in transport regulations, oil prices, closure of borders etc.

Aid Convoy is making an appeal to raise funds for its container expenditure.


We can't complete these projects without your assistance & donations,. Your donations will ensure that the crucial aid that you & others donate will reach the most deprived people of Syria.


Please donate now.



Visit  'Make a Donation Now' or make a bank transfer:


Co-op Bank

Sort Code: 08-92-99

Account No: 65564507

IBAN: GB56CPBK 08929965564507




Thank you for your support.

2nd hand Clothes Collection

These items will be sorted and suitable items will be sent to refugees those that remain will be sold to raise funds for our work and to assist financially Aid Convoy. We are only collecting clothes, shoes, handbags, bed linen, towels, curtains soft toys/teddy bears and books.  Please make sure they are in good condition and not ripped or have holes in them.


To arrange a drop off or pick up please contact:


07961 224917 (London)


07935 235251 (Sussex)



Please do not confuse us with ‘Aid Convoy 2 Syria’, ‘Aid Convoy 4 Syria’, 'World Aid Convoy' or 'Aid Convoy for Syria'.

Website last updated: 09/02/16