***WINTER APPEAL 2016***


Aid Convoy is now launching its winter appeal for the destitute of Syria, pls adhere to the following list:


•Toothbrush &Toothpaste.
•Blankets/Sleeping bags   (must be brand new).
•Gloves, scarves & hats.
•Winter jackets.
•Winter trousers.
•Winter boots.
•Thermal & waterproof clothing.
•Hot water bottles.
•Flapjacks & energy bars.


Pls consider & cater for all ages.


This appeal will run from October to December only.


FB: aidconvoyorg
T: @aidconcoy.uk
Insta : @aid_convoy

Latest Video including footage from Syria

2nd hand Clothes Collection

These items will be sorted and suitable items will be sent to refugees those that remain will be sold to raise funds for our work and to assist financially Aid Convoy. We are only collecting clothes, shoes, handbags, bed linen, towels, curtains soft toys/teddy bears and books.  Please make sure they are in good condition and not ripped or have holes in them.


To arrange a drop off or pick up please contact:


07961 224917 (London)


07935 235251 (Sussex)

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