Aid Convoy School

A.C school


We are embarking on a new & exciting project.


Aid Convoy is now supporting and maintaining a school for Syrian refugee children in Turkey.


Donate as much as you can.


(Further information is to follow).

Container Appeal

We are continuing with our container project. We regularly send these containers which consist of clothes, shoes, blankets, medicine & medical equipment.


We need donations to fund this ongoing project. Kindly send your donations with the reference 'con/syriawinter'.


Below are photos of November Container Aid being distributed.

2nd hand Clothes Collection

These items will be sold to raise funds for our work and to assist financially Aid Convoy. We are only collecting clothes, shoes, handbags, bed linen, towels, curtains soft toys/teddy bears only.  Please make sure they are in good condition and not ripped or have holes in them.


To arrange a drop off or pick up please contact:

07961 224917 or email.



There are people/groups miss-using our charity name, ‘Aid Convoy’ was formally known as ‘Aid Convoy 2 Syria’.  Recently, others are using it again, please do not confuse us with ‘Aid Convoy 2 Syria’, ‘Aid Convoy 4 Syria’, 'World Aid Convoy' or 'Aid Convoy for Syria'.

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