2nd Aid Convoy Container 2015

Aid Convoy's second container for 2015 is due to leave around 23rd February'15.


Essential items needed are:

  • Men's, women's & children's clothing
  • Footwear (all sizes)
  • Tuna, Kidney beans, Chick peas (Tinned only)
  • Powered baby milk (all ages)
  • Blankets
  • Sanitary towels
  • Blankets/sleeping bags


The cost to send a container is £3,500 breakdown of the costs are:

  1. Container from UK to Turkey
  2. Turkish customs examinations & clearance charges
  3. Transportation of goods from Turkish port to the Turkish-Syria border
  4. Final transportation from the border to depot in Syria

November'14 Winter Container in Syria

Aid Convoy's first winter container arrives in Syria, please share with family & friends.

2nd hand Clothes Collection

These items will be sorted and suitable items will be sent to refugees those that remain will be sold to raise funds for our work and to assist financially Aid Convoy. We are only collecting clothes, shoes, handbags, bed linen, towels, curtains soft toys/teddy bears and books.  Please make sure they are in good condition and not ripped or have holes in them.


To arrange a drop off or pick up please contact:


01279 411078 (London & Head Office)




Please do not confuse us with ‘Aid Convoy 2 Syria’, ‘Aid Convoy 4 Syria’, 'World Aid Convoy' or 'Aid Convoy for Syria'.

Website last updated: 30/01/15