Gas Mask Appeal

Aid Convoy is launching a campaign to raise donations for the purchase of Gas Masks for  adults and children.


It has been confirmed that the Syrian army has continuously used chemical warfare on the civilian population and recently in the city of Idlib, as the following message was sent to us via one of our partners on the ground on 25th March 2015:


"In the past few days Idlib has been hit by the regime worst then ever!  There have been 3 chemical attacks in the past 4 days!  Just last night Binnish ans Sarmin where hit by Basher's army...The people have nothing to protect themselves.  I have witnessed families making plastic boxes on their roofs to go to in case of a chemical attack...the only other protection they have is to put 7up on a cloth and cover their faces...Gas masks are needed badly here so please do whatever you can to donate so we are able to distribute them to as many as we can..."


The costs of Gas masks vary from £19.99 to £100 each (depending on quality), we intend to send at least 2000 gas masks for our next container in May 2015, hence our goal is to raise at least £10,000 for this project.

Please make a difference and be part of this noble project, donate now (please use the ref: gas mask).


Visit our 'Make a Donation now' page or make a Bank transfer to:



Co-op Bank

Sort Code: 08-92-99

Account No: 65564507

IBAN: GB56CPBK 08929965564507




Gas Mask Appeal

Boots being distributed in Syrian Camp (Dec'14)

2nd hand Clothes Collection

These items will be sorted and suitable items will be sent to refugees those that remain will be sold to raise funds for our work and to assist financially Aid Convoy. We are only collecting clothes, shoes, handbags, bed linen, towels, curtains soft toys/teddy bears and books.  Please make sure they are in good condition and not ripped or have holes in them.


To arrange a drop off or pick up please contact:


01279 411078 (London & Head Office)


07935 235251 (Sussex)



Please do not confuse us with ‘Aid Convoy 2 Syria’, ‘Aid Convoy 4 Syria’, 'World Aid Convoy' or 'Aid Convoy for Syria'.

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